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Our Story

Pushpanjali is a heritage brand steeped in history. It was founded by the dynamic duo of Assamese icon PADMASHREE Pushpa Bhuyan & Naba Kamal Bhuyan.

Although brand Pushpanjali is over 30 years old, Team Pushpanjali has been immersed in Dance for their lifetime, beginning with Pushpa Bhuyan in 1956, almost 70 years ago.

The glorious legacy of Brand  Pushpanjali has made a natural expansion by extending into the Wellness Sector, birthing Pushpanjali Wellhealth (PWH) that regularly conducts Pushpanjali Holistic Workshops, Awareness Classes and Motivational Talks.


PWH features the Pushpanjali Method in a complete NewYou Program for Wellness • Fitness • Mindfulness

The Trinity

Driving Force Behind The Brand

Vanita, Sangeeta and Simran have made a natural expansion of their brand Pushpanjali by giving it expression in the Wellness Sector.


The Trio have conceived PUSHPANJALI WELLHEALTH WORKSHOPS as a new concept of Holistic and complete approach to FITNESS & MINDFULNESS. They conduct these Workshops in India and overseas and are motivational speakers as well.


The three Bhuyan sisters are accomplished Indian Classical Danseuse performing five Indian Classical Dances of BharatNatyam, Kathak, Kuchipudi, Manipuri and their home state Assam’s Sattriya Nritya in global tours with experience of stage and television.

They are the daughters of the legendary Classical Dance Icon of Assam Padmashree Pushpa Bhuyan. The unique legacy of performing all these various Dance forms together has been passed on to her three daughters. 

The Mother-Daughters team have the distinction of performing Nationally and Internationally in U.S.A, France, Australia, Kuwait etc. Audiences of these performances include distinguished personalities like Presidents, Prime Ministers of India, Foreign and Indian dignitaries. 

PWH Masterclass

Covers Wellhealth topics from top of the head to tip of the toe

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Children's Funtastic Workshop

Engaging and Nurturing children's mind and body

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