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Vanita Bhuyan Nagpal

Vanita Bhuyan Nagpal is the daughter of the Legendary Dance Guru Padmashri Pushpa Bhuyan and is an accomplished Indian Classical Dancer herself. She has mastered 5 different forms of Indian Classical dances namely Bharat Natyam, Kuchipudi, Kathak, Manipuri and Sattriya.

Vanita has performed extensively in all the major cities in India and across the world -America, Europe, Australia & Middle East along with her mother and their troupe “Pushpanjali”. 

The Recitals in which Vanita performed usually had audiences like Dignitaries, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Ministers from India and abroad. Vanita has also appeared performing several times on Indian National Television Chanel of Doordsrshan under the Prestigious “National Programme is Dance”.

Vanita has won several Laurels and Gold Medals in her career as a Dancer. She imparts Indian Classical Dance training to students in their dance school in Assam, Melbourne and Lille -South of France.

She currently resides in Malaysia where she is a philanthropist who is involved in social causes with organisations such as Soroptimist International which is involved in rescuing women and children from trafficking and abuse, sponsoring education for the girl child; Voice of Children, which strive to provide identities to refugee children; Old age homes; Cancer Society of Malaysia and is one of the founder members of the first Chinmaya Mission to be established in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Vanita keeps alive her talent by volunteering to teach dance to few children orphanage homes in Kuala Lumpur. Besides being a talented dancer and social worker, she is also a business woman and mother of two sons.


Sangeeta Bhuyan Mehta

Sangeeta is an accomplished Indian Classical Danseuse performing five Indian Classical Dances of Bharat Natyam, Kathak, Kuchipudi, Manipuri and her home state Assam’s Sattriya Nritya in global tours with experience of stage and television.

The unique legacy of performing all these various Dance forms together has been passed on to her three daughters who call themselves the Bhuyan Sisters. 

She has won several Laurels including  Gold Medal in Classical Dance from Gauhati University and is the recipient of the Highest National Scholarship given by the Human Resource Development Ministry for dance. She was conferred with The International Women’s Day Award 2020 by United Nations designated Public Diplomacy Forum in Delhi. 


She is the President of the prestigious classical Dance Institution in Assam Namely Pushpanjali Cultural AcademyShe spearheads the glittering Pushpanjali Dance Festival every year as well as supervises the Diploma Examinations of the Academy along with the external examiner. 

Sangeeta was actively involved in the research team headed by her connoisseur father Naba Kamal Bhuyan and Padmashree Pushpa Bhuyan which conducted Intensive research on the lost classical elements of the 500 year old Sattriya Dance in Assam thus contributing in the revival and upliftment of this dance to its status of the Eighth Classical Dance of India. 

Anchor person and active member involved in the production, direction, post-production processes (editing etc) of a Television Documentary on Sattriya Dance produced by Pushpa and Naba. 


Choreographer of several Dance Ballets in pure classical style as well as in the modern fusion style for various functions, stage shows, fashion shows etc. 


Sangeeta has been a Multi-Potentialite as an Anchor person, Stage Actress and Compere in fashion shows, entertainment events etc. in Middle East. A Creator, Choreographer, Director and Scriptwriter for Fashion Shows for NGOs in Delhi, designing and showcasing the Assamese Attire of Mekhela Chadars. 


A true Ambassador of Assamese Mekhla Chadors by designing, promoting and preserving these indigenous weaves.


Simran Bhuyan Raheja

SIMRAN BHUYAN RAHEJA  is a Superlative Dancer who is a Gold Medalist in Classical Dance and choreography from Delhi University. She is also a Gold Medalist for Classical Dance in Inter-Varsity competitions held at IIT Kanpur. She has learnt and performed Russian Bolshoi ballet in the Russian Cultural Center in Chennai.

She has performed along with her mother and her sisters in all major cities of India, National television channel of Doordarshan. The live recitals had audiences like Dignitaries, Presidents, Prime Ministers and Ministers. She has also performed in foreign shores like America, Europe, Australia.

Simran is also an active Philanthropist and worked as an educator for underprivileged children in the Angel Express Foundation of MumbaiLike her sisters, She also regularly holds wellness programs like the ‘Pushpanjali Holistic Workshops’ and Motivational Talks on Holistic approach to Classical Dances.