The Answers To All The Questions We Know You Are Asking

Can anyone and at any age take part in the workshops?

Yes! Our workshops are open to anyone at any age. Apart from adults, children can benefit from this workshop as much as the elderly.

Is there a prerequisite to have knowledge of Dance or Yoga? 

Not at all! The Bhuyan Sisters have the audacity to take the benefits of Classical Dance to absolute non dancers with ease.

Does this work out every part of our body?

Yes. From the Top of our Head to the tip of our Toes, this method engages every micro muscle in our bodies and not a single organ feels the FOMO

How often do we have to hold Mudras?

Beginners, between 3 & 15 minutes

Intermediates, between 15 & 40 minutes

Advanced, between 40 & 1 Hour (or more) 

How many Mudras for certain health issues?

Each health issue is addressed by a combination of Mudras to be performed regularly.

To put it in a nutshell, Yes. The Pushpanjali Method has been especially designed to address each and every part of the body and has been built upon the works of Pushpa Bhuyan.  

Is the Workshop a combination of different techniques?

Is Mudra Therapy an alternative to traditional medicine?

No. Every pathway to better living and health has its own place in the Universe. It is up to you to seek your instrument to optimise your well being.

Can The Pushpanjali Method be implemented anywhere? 

Absolutely Yes! From the desk in your workplace to the couch in your home. From sitting in your car to your time in the park. Even secretly holding your Mudras under the table anywhere.  

Can we practice during physical/emotional distress?

Yes & Y.E.S. The techniques and micro workouts will aide in physical aches and pains and our 'Mentally Bulletproof' approach extracts ancient Shlokes and Mantras for Mind Positivity. 

Why Us

It is a beautiful stimulating way to connect with others who are unaware of the nuances of Dance and Yoga. It is the nature of Energy to constantly evolve and seek. We have merely expanded the narrative to educate and create awareness of the ancient wisdom of this great craft from our rich traditional heritage and roots.

Why You

At any stage in your life, you are perfect for this. This is so easy to implement, it has the capacity to enter the collective consciousness of the world. It can cater to your obsession of Head to Toe fitness or it can still be your best friend even if you have no affinity to the high octane. Your choices shape you.