Yoga at Home

The Pushpanjali Method

Make Yourself Better Than Yesterday! 

Wellbeing, Body Positivity & Mind Positivity through the medium of Dance, Yoga, Mudra Therapy, Pranayams/Breathwork, Chakra Meditation... and yet you don't need prior knowledge about Dance or Yoga.


Become a Cultural Revivalist with arcane wisdom while simultaneously gifting yourself much deserved Self Care.

Taking elements of PWH into exercise gets you maximum benefit with minimum effort for your Health concerns.

This Inclusive Wellness Program Is Open To Everybody. Take The Lead At Any Age.

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Immersive Experience

You Are Your Own Temple

No matter what exercise regimen/modalities you do, the Pushpanjali Method is the pathway to it as this method has been evolved from nuances of Yoga & Dance as prescribed by ancient Indian texts like the doctrine of Natya Shastra evolved from the fifth Veda - The Natya Veda

This is NOT a Secret. It is just endangered of getting LOST with the passage of Time. The Ancient Sages knew it all:

How to build your immunity & Strengthen your lungs 

How to Flow with the Rhythm & Ignite the Core

How to Align the Posture & Enhance Face Workouts 

How to Galvanize the Fingers & Balance the Feet 

How to Open the Eyes & Shut the Disquiet

How It Works


Top Of The Head To Tip Of The Toe

  • Mudras (hand gestures)                    

  • Gentle Body Positivity. Eg ~ eye exercises.                   

  • Micro workouts. Eg ~ awakening leg muscles.              

  • ​Energizing Chakra meditation.                                        

  • Mind Positivity- making oneself mentally bullet proof.

  • Very simple applicable yoga.

  • Pranayams breathwork.

  • Life Hacks & Nutrition.                                              

Everything is part of the Pushpanjali DNA


How PWH Techniques Empowers

Imparting Living Knowledge of transcendental wisdom in Health, Wellness, Fitness, Mindfulness and Dance.

As Cultural Revivalists we engage to preserve Heritage & Roots to Futurity.


Help Global Millennial and future generations know of time honored Indian cultural texts to promote their own health while preserving this knowledge for posterity.


To keep this Knowledge Alive in adverse global situations , a basic holistic route to well-being is the need of the hour.

These techniques help to combat stress, build immunity, strengthen lungs and address other health issues just by:

  • Staying home and habituating for even a few minutes a day. 

  • Easily implemented and do-able sitting in your desk at your work place.

  • Enhances productivity for better Result Oriented performance.

  • Decreases STRESS and Increases self worth & self confidence.

  • Leads to HEALTHIER work-mind, therefore HEALTHIER work environment.

  • Our workshops and Masterclasses executed on online platforms can be outreached globally.