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PWH Master Class

Covers WellHealth Topics From Top of The Head To Tip Of The Toe!
PWH Master Class

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Time is TBD
Online Workshop

About the Event

Our movement therapies are simplified in such a way that it can be incorporated in a person’s daily life. For example, practicing hand gestures and leg movements while watching TV, sitting behind an office desk, walking, standing in a queue, cooking, or traveling by land, air or sea.


  • Energize our mind, body and natural healing powers.
  • Mantra for Positivity- Realise joy and happiness.
  • Decrease pain.
  • Reduce physical, mental and emotional discomforts.
  • To believe in one’s own strength and willpower.
  • Elevate self-confidence.
  • Improve focus and minimize restlessness.
  • Develop a sense of calm and wellbeing.

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